While we have a pretty good sense of your requirements from our preliminary contact, we will always build on your wants and needs by developing a personalized plan with you to customize your event. A successful event comes with thorough communication, planning and follow through. shortly after our initial meeting we will send a confirmation email to ensure that we have captured all your pertinent requests.


Fiona and Bob like to ensure that the music for your Wedding meets your exact needs. We  like to hold a meeting  in advance at your request, be it the bride and groom, event planners or any others that have an interest in the musical selections.  Once we work out the overall plan where music may be required, we present you with various samples to see what resonates with you and choose the best fit to create the perfect ambiance on your day. We discuss pre-ceremony selections, selections for any other points in the ceremony and the follow-up cocktail hour/reception, if needed.                                  

We are often asked to arrange a particular song or tune for weddings and are happy to do so!

We always enjoy playing music to fit your moment!  Our goal is to always strive for moments when our music connects with people, to make them smile, tap their toes, put them at ease, relax, create the desired ambiance, however, a successful day has just as much to do with good planning as it does the music and other elements of the day.